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masterMake clld thread safe, and more readable.mrb0nk5002 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-29Make clld thread safe, and more readable.HEADmastermrb0nk500
2020-04-29Converted clld to a library.mrb0nk500
2020-04-29Totally revamped the program, and made it faster.mrb0nk500
2019-11-01Added support for extra CFLAGS.mrb0nk500
2019-10-16Make clld, even less bloat.mrb0nk500
2019-10-15Make clld less bloat, and faster.mrb0nk500
2019-10-14Move AABB's clx, and cly checks to separate functions.mrb0nk500
2019-10-14Put Tile Heightmap, and AABB into their own separatemrb0nk500
2019-10-12Correct some errors, and add some extra documentationmrb0nk500
2019-10-12Added Makefile, options, and a license.mrb0nk500